How To Fix Amazon FireStick Black Screen After Logo?

Lets see How To Fix Amazon FireStick Black Screen After Logo? All the apps run into issues sometimes. When a developer develops an app, he/she tries his/her best to get rid of all bugs in the system. But, there are always some bugs left in the software. These issues can be resolved in the apps updates.

Amazon Firestick TV also faces some issues. The black screen is a major issue of this streaming service. If you want to get rid of this issue, then this article will help you. In this article, we will show you different methods to get rid of the Amazon Firestick black screen issue. So let’s jump right into this article. 

How many ways to get rid of the black screen?

There are a lot of ways to remove the black screen from Firestick  TV. We will discuss seven of them in the section below. The seven methods are:

  • Restart device
  • External Wire Connections
  • Remove other devices
  • Internet connection
  • Input selection
  • A/V receivers
  • Resolution

Restart the Device to get rid of the black screen of the firestick Tv

The simplest method to remove the black screen is to restart it. Restarting is the easiest way to fix a lot of bugs. You can restart your Amazon Firestick TV app and see if it works.

This is not a 100% working method, but it does work sometimes. You can use the TV remote to restart your Firestick TV. 

External Wire Connections to get rid of the black screen of firestick Tv

You should not use a cable other than the cable that came with the Firestick TV kit. That cable is different from others.

A different cable might make some problems for the Firestick TV. Also, make sure that all the wires are connected properly. See if the wire is broken. If it is, then change it.

Remove other devices to get rid of the black screen of firestick Tv

If you have connected your headphones, game consoles, or other devices with your Firestick TV, then remove them.

The Firestick device is a little bit bulkier at the HDMI port, so connecting other devices might result in the disconnection of the Firestick app. So, make sure that your Firestick device is connected properly, then connect other devices.

Internet connection to get rid of the black screen of firestick Tv

When you stream HD or 4K content on the Firestick with a bad internet connection, the screen becomes an amazon firestick black screen. So, always make sure to have a good internet connection for your Firestick device. Use high-speed HDMI cables to stream HD quality content.

Let us inform you that if you pause a 4K video and play it, then it will take 4 to 5 seconds to load. The screen will become black for that time. That is not a bug or an error. So do not worry if that happens. 

Input Selection to get rid of the black screen of firestick Tv

When you are choosing the input source, always select the right source where your amazon firestick black screen is.

The black screen will appear if you select the wrong input. Choose the input following the number that is printed under the HDMI port. This will save you from the black screen.

A/V Receivers

Do not connect A/V receivers or soundbars in the wrong port of your TV. Always make sure to connect them to the right port, or else the screen might become dark. Recheck all of the wire connections to make sure there is no error.


If you select the wrong resolution for your Firestick screen, it might result in a black screen. You should make sure to have the perfect resolution to stream videos. Use your Firestick remote to press and hold the Up and Rewind button for about 5 seconds. It will display the resolution settings. Select the appropriate resolution for your TV screen.


We hope that this article helped you get rid of the amazon firestick black screen TV. It is a common problem that is not the developer’s fault. It happens due to the mistakes that the user makes. We pointed out those mistakes and handed you the perfect solution to every problem.

We explained all of the problems that can cause black screen and showed the solution to you. If you feel confused about any of these methods, then ask us in the comment section. If the problem is still not solved even after all of the methods, then try contacting the Firestick department for further information.

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