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Lets see Best Filelinked Codes for Firestick” The Amazon Firestick app has its eater eggs. When you want to download an app or a game on Firestick, then you need third-party installers. Moreover, you need to type their names or paste the lengthy links. As the Amazon Firestick app does not have any alphanumeric keys, it is so hard to type anything on it.

You have to use the arrows keys and the on-screen keyboard to type a name. This is difficult. What if we told you that you can do all of that using just eight numbers? Yes, the Firestick app lets you enter Filelinked codes of apps that you can use to install apps quickly. If you want to know about these Filelinked codes for Firestick, then this article is for you. So let’s jump right into this article.

Filelinked Codes For Streaming apps

53098718: This code will help you install the Free Flix HQ app. You can stream popular movies, TV shows, and on-demand videos on it Wikipedia.

57458882: You can install the TVZion app with this code.

67817931: This code will install the TeaTV app on your Firestick.

55525014: This code will install the Cinema HD app on your Firestick app.

16248134: This code is for the installation of the TripleM app.

67664537: You can install the Exousia app with this code.

27844165: This code is to install the Potato Streams app. It is popular for streaming live sports.

12345678: This code will install the YouTube TV app on your Firestick.

14224735:  This code will help you install the RedBox app on your Firestick.

56975628: It is for the Kodi app on Firestick.

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Best FIlelinked codes for Sports

If you want to stream a sports channel, then use one of these codes:

  • 17779393
  • 74238464
  • 11039868
  • 38069272
  • 47603928
  • 63106618
  • 45541591
  • 22222222
  • 12345678
  • 91195389
  • 80409018
  • 78933681
  • 60339349
  • 70510862

Best Filelinked Codes for adults

If you want to use adult apps on Firestick, then you can use these codes:

  • 51829986
  • 11039868
  • 85810914

Best Filelinked Codes for Kodi Builds and apks

85810914: This code will list out different Kodi builds on your Firestick and the apps in the Aptitude store.

38069272: This code will list almost all apps that are available on the Firestick.

47603928: You can list all of the Android apps that are available on your Firestick with this code.

91195389: This code will list all Kodi builds for Kodi 17.6.

80409018:  This code will list builds for Kodi 18.

76705196: You can see the list of apk files from K Porteous.

36260523:  This code will list a lot of Kodi builds and forks with some streaming apk files.

11039868: All of the free streaming apk files that are supported by Firestick can be listed using this code. You will also find the CCleaner app in this list.

74238464: You can list all of the movie streaming apps for Firestick using this code.

Best Filelinked Codes for Firestick for ROMs and Emulators

88897031: This code will list all ROMs and Emulators available on Firestick.

11111111: You can get the web safety tips for Firestick and Android using this code.

We hope that this article helped you get the best Filelinked codes for Hulu TV on Firestick. We showed you some of the best codes that you can use to work faster on Firestick. These codes are such a comfort, you do not have to type every single thing. You can just type an eight-digit code and get the results. If you have any problems while understanding this article, then ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you.

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