How To Change Snapchat Notification Sound On Android?

Lets see How To Change Snapchat Notification Sound On Android? All the apps on your phone use the same ringtone that you have set as default, but there is one app that has a different and unique notification sound that does not change by changing the default notification sound. It is the Snapchat notification sound.

If you find this sound annoying or you do not want this sound for Snapchat, then do not worry because we will help you do that. In this article, we will help you change the notification sound on Snapchat. So let’s talk about Snapchat.

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Then Follow The Steps Given Below

Step 1 – Snapchat Notification Sound

Open your Android smartphone and tap on the Settings option.

open settings

Step 2

Find and tap on the Apps and notifications option.

open apps & Notification

Step 3

Find the Snapchat app and click on it.

open snapchat

Step 4

You will see the Notifications section. Tap on it.

Tap on notification

Step 5

Turn the notifications off from there. Now, you will not receive any kind of Snapchat notification sound.

turn off notification

For iOS – Change Snapchat Notification Sound

Step 1

Open your iPhone device and tap on the Settings option.

open setting

Step 2

Find the Notifications menu and tap on it.

open notification menu

Step 3

Scroll down and find the Snapchat app from the list.

open snapchat

Step 4

Disable the Allow Notifications bar. This is how you will not receive Snapchat sound on your iPhone anymore.

disable allow notification

If you want to mute an individual contact’s notification, then Snapchat allows you to do that.

So let us show you how to mute your individual contact on Snapchat

Step 1

Open the Snapchat app on your phone and tap on the contact you want to mute.

select a contact

Step 2

You will see a three-dot menu on the info page. Tap on it and select Message Notifications.

tap on message notifications

Step 3

Tap on the Silent option to mute the selected contact.

tap on silent

Step 4

Tap on Done to apply changes. You will not receive any notifications from the selected contact anymore.


We hope that this article helped you to change the notification sound of Snapchat on your Android phone. Well, you can not change the notification sound. All you can do is mute the notifications. We showed you how to do that.

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