How to delete YouTube channel | Step by step guide

If you want to delete YouTube channel on your device but can not find the option to do so, then do not worry you are of the many YouTube users who want to delete their YouTube channels but can not find the option to do it.

In this article, we will show you all the ways in which you can delete your YouTube channel on whichever device you want. First, let’s talk about YouTube.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the biggest video platform which is owned by Google. YouTube has the most viewers and the most-watched videos. It gets more than one billion hours of watching from the user every single day and hundreds and thousands of hours of video content is uploaded on it after several minutes.

It is one of the most active apps in the world. People always seem to roam on YouTube. YouTube is full of video content of every type. On YouTube, you can make a channel for yourself and you can also make money on it. YouTube gives you money on the basis of your country’s CPC and the number of YouTube watch hours you get. 

Why do people delete their YouTube accounts?

You can have as many accounts as you want on YouTube. Sometimes you do not want to use an account anymore, so you can either have the account, or you can delete YouTube channel account. If you have a monetized channel on YouTube and you upload videos on it. You get money.

If you do not act upon the laws of YouTube, then your account can be suspended or you can have a strike on your account which makes you ineligible for monetization. There is no point in making YouTube videos without money so they delete their channels. Another sad reason for people to delete their account of YouTube is that they get so much hate in the comment section or in the form of dislikes.

They get emotionally broken and delete their YouTube accounts. We advise you not to delete your YouTube account when you are in rage or sad because decisions made in anger can not be undone. You will never get your account back, So think first before deleting your YouTube account.

How to delete your YouTube channel?

If you want to know: “How can I delete my YouTube channel?” then we will provide you with the perfect solution for that. We will give you the step by step guide to making your delete YouTube channel permanently.

There are two main ways in which you can do this process. We will elaborate on both of them.

How to delete your YouTube channel from a mobile device?

If you have a mobile device and you have an account on it that you want to delete, then follow the given instructions.

Step 1

Open YouTube on your mobile phone.

Step 2 

Tap on the top right corner of the app to see your profile.

Step 3 

Scroll down and find the “Help and feedback” option and open it.

Step 4 

Type the word “delete” on the search bar and click on the “Hide or delete my channel”.

Step 5

You will be given two options.

  1. Hide your YouTube channel temporarily.
  2. Delete your YouTube account permanently.

You can choose any of these two options. But here we will choose the “Delete your YouTube account permanently” option.

Step 6

You will receive a confirmation message, confirm it and tap on “Delete account”. 

Step 7

YouTube will require your Google ID password of the respective account. Write the password and continue. YouTube will ask you if you want to just hide the channel or delete it permanently. As we want to delete it permanently, we will hold on to that option.

Step 8

YouTube will give you a confirmation message showing what stuff you will not be able to reach ever again. Click “I agree” and continue.

Step 9

You will have to type in your right Gmail ID to progress through this. After that, press Continue to delete your channel including all the content of your channel.

How to delete my YouTube account from my Desktop?

Step 1 

Open YouTube on your respective browser. Go to your channel and select “YouTube Studio”.

Step 2 

Scroll down to see the settings option and click it.

Step 3 

Go to “Channel option ”.

Step 4 

Click on “Advanced features” and scroll down to see the “Delete or hide channel ” option displayed in blue color.

Step 5

YouTube will ask you to give your ID and password to make sure it is your own account that you want to delete. After doing that, Click on continue.

Step 6

Then select the “Delete channel permanently” option. YouTube will show you what stuff you will lose with this account. Click on Continue by agreeing to all the terms and conditions.

Step 7

Write your Email ID name as a confirmation and press Enter. Your account will be deleted.


We hope you learnt the process of deleting your account permanently. It is an easy process but most people do not know this. But by reading this article, everyone can delete their YouTube accounts if they want YouTube Videos Are Not Playing.

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