Express VPN Review | How to Use a VPN and Why You Need One

Express VPN has been in the market for eleven years. It has achieved a lot of success due to its unique service and specialties provided to the clients. However, the name of the company which offers this product is “Express VPN International Ltd.” Its head office is located in the British Virgin Islands.

Why Express VPN?

Express VPN uses a lot of protocols for the proper functioning of its contracts, thereby using high-quality equipment for transferring data and information readily. Thus, the total number of its servers is three thousand. It also operates from one hundred and sixty locations in ninety-four countries.

Express VPN has some of the expensive VPN bundles in the market. It is because of the services which it delivers—however, a standard VPN costs around two to three dollars per month. On the contrary, Express VPN costs about eight to nine dollars per month with a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

Express VPN is thereby the best VPN around the world. It is in the top 10 VPN list. However, irrespective of their rating, it the most secure VPN if compared with other VPNs. Hence, it uses high-level encryption, so that information of the user never gets leaked in any way nor any hacker enters.

Therefore, the SSTP protocol used is of high level, which never gets taken over. It is that protocol that is also used by the military. Thus it has that same encryption as that of the military. So, in short, from a security point of view Express VPN is one of the best VPN.

Thus, the use of Express VPN is excellent if you are a business owner or run a multinational company. It is because Express VPN delivers some of the best services and is also secure using the same protocols as that of the military networks.

Works On

There are many platforms that you can use Express VPN from and the ones that support it are as follows:

  • Android.
  • IOS.
  • Linux.
  • Mac OS.
  • Mac OSX.
  • Microsoft Windows.


The privacy of this app is great, providing the user with anonymity throughout. The app asks upfront if you want to contribute to their statistics or you want to be concealed during your usage which builds trust between the user and the company.

There are some things that the service keeps tracks of and that is successful login attempts and which vpn server you’re using, other than that, there is no recording of any related data.


Utilization services rendered by Express VPN

As the majority of people know that the VPN is for viewing blocked content or visiting any site using a virtual location. Therefore, the same is the case for Express VPN. It’s got a lot of uses and some of them are:

Unblocking sites that are blacklisted

One of the primary applications of Express VPN is that it unblocks all the blocked content in the particular region of the user. However, in this way, the user can visit all the sites that are blacklisted by the government quickly.

All this takes place by a VPN. Express VPN creates a virtual location and assigns that location to the user. In this way, the IP address of the user gets changed. Hence, a virtual IP address is attached to the user. Now, it is convenient for the user to surf the web and not get noticed while viewing the blocked content.

Availing of better deals online

Nowadays, there are many promotional offers available while booking flight tickets, movie tickets, or directly online shopping. These promotional offers are not available in all regions but are available in selective areas. Therefore, for availing of this sort of offer, you can easily activate Express VPN for changing your location.

When an unknown location is granted to the user of his choice, then he can easily avail of that offer. It is because when your VPN is activated, you can easily surf through those sites and avail offers because your original location is not disclosed to the host.

Anonymity while surfing the web

When you use your internet without a VPN, your original location is known to the host. However, if you are using a public hotspot, then you never know whether your connection is safe or not. However, if the link is not secure, then someone else can quickly take over your network without letting you know.

So, while using express VPN, user experience is safe as it uses high-level encryption. Therefore, none can notice your browsing activity because of identity protection.


As every user knows that nowadays, downloading torrents is one of the most common practices. However, it is not legal in some regions. If users avail of this service using their original IP addresses, then it counts as a crime. Therefore, they can be charged with a million dollars and will also be doing some jail time.

However, for availing of this service, you can easily connect to the Express VPN client. In this way, the exact location of the user never gets revealed. It is convenient for the user to download and upload torrents.

Pros and Cons

  • Money-back guarantee in case of a bad experience.
  • Premium account can be used for up to five devices.
  • Military level encryption is not easy to crack.
  • Simple and efficient utilization by the user.
  • Unsubscribe and get your money back in case of connectivity issues.
  • Payment plans are expensive.
  • Not recommended by professionals for regular use.

Prices and Plans

As do all VPNs, this app also comes with three deals to choose from. They are:

  • You’ll have to pay 12.95$ for the one month deal.
  • For half a year, you can pay 9.99$ monthly.
  • For the whole year deal, you’ll need to pay 8.32$ monthly.

The prices are comparatively expensive when compared to other VPNs which is a bummer considering how much this app has good things going for it.

Final Thoughts

This app has a lot going for it with many features fitted into it and having adequate customer support to back it up. First of all, the money-back guarantees trial period they give is the best marketing scheme as it lets users decide if they really want to use this app or not. The usage of multiple devices on a single account makes it great for multiple users as well, and the confirmation of anonymity just seals the deal.

The only drawback is that the service is extremely expensive when compared to other equally great VPNs available but it still gives a lot to offer despite the spike in charges.