How To Restart Firestick TV App Less Than A Minute?

Lets see How To Restart Firestick TV App Less Than A Minute? Whenever our devices come up with a problem, the first thing we do is restart them. For example: if your phone’s mobile data is not working, then you can just restart your phone and your mobile data will start working again. Restarting a device removes the bugs in it sometimes and resolves most of the issues.

The Amazon Firestick TV also gets some issues in its software, like lagging, black screen, or nor internet connection. You can finish these issues by restarting your Firestick TV app. If you want to know how to restart your Firestick TV Firestick TV runs into some issues sometimes.

Screen lagging, screen blackout, and network issues are examples of this issue. Restarting your Firestick TV might help you resolve these issues. Let us show you how to restart your Firestick TV., then this article is for you. So, let’s jump right into this article.

Method 1: Restart from the Settings

Restarting Firestick TV is not a complicated task. You can restart your Firestick TV from the Settings. Let us show you how to do that.

Step 1

Open the Amazon Firestick TV app and go to the Settings option on the top of the home screen.

Step 2

Click on the My FireTV option.

Step 3

You will see the restart option once you scroll down. Click on it.

Step 4

A prompt window will appear asking you to confirm the restart. Confirm it. Your Firestick TV will now restart.

Method 2: Restart Amazon Firestick with Remote

Why go to the Settings when you can restart your Firestick TV with its remote. Follow the instructions in the section below to restart Firestick TV.

Step 1

Open the Firestick app on your TV.

Step 2

Take your Firestick remote and press and hold the play and pause button for five seconds. Your device will restart in a matter of seconds. You would not even have to confirm any prompt window.

Method 3: Unplug from the Power source to firestick

The last method to restart your Firestick TV is to unplug it from the power source. It is not a recommended way to restart Firestick TV app. You should only use this method when your screen has become frozen or hang.

You can not go to the settings and can not use the remote in this way. So, you have to unplug it from the power source. When you unplug your Firestick device from the power source, it begins to restart internally. Plug it again. It will restart and all the issues will be solved.


We hope that this article helped you restart your Firestick TV app. We showed three different ways to restart your Firestick TV. Restarting Firestick TV can help solve many issues. We recommend you use the first two methods to restart Firestick Dish Anywhere on Firestick.

Use the third method only when you can not use other methods. If you have any confusion about this topic, then ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you solve your issue.

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