Full Review of Moviebox Roku

Lets see Full Review of Moviebox Roku” MovieBox is an online streaming platform that features more than 60000 movies and TV shows in HD quality. You can also download the content for offline watching.

What is Moviebox Pro?

The developer of the moviebox app shut down the original app and developed a new version called MovieBox Pro. The new upgraded version almost features the same content and features as the older version.

Moviebox Supported Devices?

MovieBox was developed only for the Android platform. You can only use moviebox on Android smartphones or devices. It is very difficult to stream Moviebox on iOS. Windows and Mac users can also stream moviebox using emulators like Bluestack. You can install moviebox on devices that operate on Android OS like Firestick and Android TVs.

Moviebox on Roku?

As moviebox is only available for Android platforms, moviebox can not be directly streamed on Roku. To stream Moviebox on Roku, you have to cast the screen from your Android smartphone to the Roku screen. Moviebox by default provides the casting icon to cast the screen.

Is Moviebox Legal?

Moviebox does not own any content. It provides content for free without any license. So, moviebox is illegal to use and we do not encourage our users to use such platforms.

Is Moviebox Free?

Yes, Moviebox is free to download and all the content on moviebox is free to stream. But the developer also offers a premium version (VIP) that can be purchased within the app. With this premium version, you have the following advantages.

  • Apple TV app.

  • Android TV app.

  • Videos can be downloaded in HD quality.

  • Ad-free streaming.

  • High-priority customer service.

  • ORG source.

How to Upgrade to the VIP version of Moviebox?

Step 1

Launch the app.

Step 2

Click the menu icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 3

Click VIP Menu.

Step 4

Click Plans and Pricing.

Step 5

You will be redirected to the official website of moviebox.

Step 6

Select the plan. Following are the different plans:

  • $3.99 for 1 month.

  • $17.94 for 6 months.

  • $23.88 for 12 months.

Step 7

Click Pay.

Step 8

Complete the purchase process and enjoy the VIP version.

VPN for Moviebox

VPN stands for the virtual private network. A VPN app allows you to access restricted apps in your area by anonymously changing your current location to the location where the app is not restricted. As said earlier, Moviebox is not a legal platform, so while streaming hackers can trace your private data.

To hide your IP address you must use a VPN to stream content anonymously. Also sometimes some of the channels are restricted in your location so by using a VPN you can change your location anonymously and can stream the channel without any restriction. Here is the list of some of the best VPNs

  • NordVPN

  • CyberGhost

  • TunnelBear


Moviebox is one of the best streaming services available on the internet as it is free. Moviebox is officially available for Android devices. But on Roku, you can not stream Moviebox directly as Roku does not support web browsers. To stream Moviebox on Roku, you have to mirror the screen or cast the screen from your smartphone or a PC’s web browser.

As Moviebox is an illegal streaming platform, there are privacy issues. We recommend our users use a VPN to hide their IP address and stream the content anonymously. We do not encourage our users to stream such illegal channels. We tried our best to review every aspect of Moviebox. If you found this article helpful, kindly give your valuable comments in the comment box. Thank you!

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