Hide Me VPN Review | Why choose to Hide Me VPN?

Lets see Hide Me VPN Review” Hide Me VPN is a virtual proxy network that provides end-to-end encryption to its clients. Thus, Hide Me VPN ensures the virtual security of clients. However, their median speed is also uniform as compared to other VPN clients. The average rate of their network is never less than two hundred Mbps.

Due to the unique services Hide Me VPN is also included in the top ten VPNs list. Therefore, users often give positive feedback whenever they use it.

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Why choose to Hide Me VPN?

Hide Me VPN is the best VPN network as compared to others because of their best speed and security offered after subscribing to their bundles.

While referring to security, a user must know that the website which he is visiting is safe or not. Often the majority of websites don’t open unless you accept cookies from the site. Hence Hide Me VPN users don’t have to accept cookies from any website because the VPN automatically chooses safe cookies for them.

Therefore, Hide Me VPN is a better option because it has a free plan before subscribing to any package. The open plan offers a volume of about ten GB. This much volume is enough for a user to test any of his/her needs with the VPN.

In the VPN community, Hide Me VPN has been in the VPN trust because of the security services which the VPN offers. Hence, a user will never worry about his original location being revealed to anyone.

Hide Me VPN also offers some attractive packages. These are cheap as compared to other VPN clients. Typically, packaging costs around three or four dollars per month. On the contrary, Hide Me VPN costs around two dollars per month. Therefore, it is cheap as compared to other VPNs.

Works On

Therefore Hide Me VPN is available for the majority of platforms. Thus, these platforms include Windows, Mac OS, Mac OSX, Linux, and Android. However, their speeds are also the same for all these platforms.


Hide Me VPN has a lot of exciting features. I’ll discuss some of them here.

  1. Whenever you connect to the client, it assigns you a virtual IP address. Hence, in this way, the original identity of the user is protected and the user can easily browse anonymously.
  2. Whenever a user buys a subscription for his VPN account, it is not limited to that particular device. He can use his VPN account for up to five devices.
  3. Whenever you subscribe to any data bundle, you’ll get a free subscription to “Global IP TV”. It is a popular streaming service that has some of the best and high definition channels.
  4. It uses one hundred and twenty-eight bits of high-level encryption. Therefore, the user information of the user never falls into the wrong hands.
  5. The protocols of hiding Me VPN ensure the proper working of the client. These protocols are Open VPN, Soft Ether, IKEv2, SSTP, IKEv1, L2TP, and PPTP.
  6. The client has great access to the app. It is easy to install. Hence, a normal person can also easily install the client. Therefore, it provides an easy user experience.


Hide Me VPN offers a no-log policy. Therefore, the client information is protected and data is never outsourced to anyone. Therefore, a user can easily use their services without worrying about anything. Thus, they have some high-quality protocols each having its own function, providing great security to their users.

Another protocol used is PPTP which ensures the security of the client. It plays an essential role in that it assigns a physical location to the user. Hence, in this way, the data of the user is protected and never gets disclosed.

Pros and Cons

  • Protects the information of all the users with AES encryption.
  • Protects the information of all the users with AES encryption.
  • Users don’t face any problems.
  • It also provides uniform speeds w.r.t torrenting.
  • Safe and legal use.
  • Doesn’t provide any service regarding Netflix.
  • Lags customer support.

Pricing and Plans

While referring to their prices and plans Hide Me VPN offers some of the most attractive plans. Therefore, they have free as well as premium plans. However, while talking about their free plans, they offer some volume to their users so that they can check their service. After signing up two hundred or three hundred megabytes of data are given to the users.

Talking about their premium packages they have three plans. These are monthly, yearly, and two yearly plans respectively. If a user subscribes to the monthly bundle, they will charge him thirteen dollars. The yearly bundle is economical as it will cost him nine dollars per month. Subscribing to the two yearly bundles will cost around four dollars and ninety-nine cents. Thus, their packages are quite economical.

Hide Me VPN also plays its vital role

When a user gets connected to public hotspots. It ensures the privacy and safety of the users connected to public hotspots. Because whenever a user connects to such hotspots, their security is never guaranteed. For providing complete safety, Hide Me VPN plays its vital role.

Hide Me VPN also facilitates its users by letting them save money from many platforms. It does so in such a way that many promotional offers are available nowadays upon online booking of airline tickets or train tickets. Hence, users can easily save a lot of money in this way.

All of this action takes place as a virtual location gets assigned to the user. So, he has a virtual IP address. Thus, if he/she wants to avail of an offer from Germany/Europe user will select a virtual IP address from the location. In this way, he/she can avail of any offer featured in that area.

Thus, I’ll recommend the use of hiding Me VPN because it offers economical packages without being a burden upon their clients. They also provide a user-friendly environment as well as 24/7 customer support.

Final Words

Kasper Sky is one of the best VPN of all time. It also contributes towards some daily life applications like connecting to public hotspots or using streaming platforms or saving money from online shopping sites at will as required.

Hide Me VPN allows its users to stream media using the services of all the streaming platforms. It becomes possible in such a way that when a particular user turns his/her VPN on, it connects the user to a virtual location where all the blocked content is readily available. Thus, a user can easily stream using Hide Me VPN from platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon prime, etc.

Hence, all blocked sites can easily be visited by users. However, when the VPN client is turned on a fake location and an IP address is granted to the user. As a result, he/she can visit all the blocked content.