Hotspot shield Vpn Review | Why choose the Hotspot shield Vpn?

Lets see Hotspot shield Vpn Review” Hot Spot Shield VPN is a service that is provided by Anchor Free. It was first released in 2005. However, after 2019, Pango became in charge of the VPN service. Therefore, it has a lot of available languages.

These include English, German, French, Persian, Spanish, etc. Therefore, a user can use their freedom as well as their premium services.

Therefore, the Hotspot shield is that particular VPN that offers some of the best services and also has less price concerning other VPNs. It is the best choice which can be made by any specific individual.

Why choose the Hotspot Shield VPN?

Hot Spot Shield VPN service matches a lot of criteria to be a good VPN. Therefore, I’ll discuss some of these criteria.

While referring to the criteria, the first criteria are that Hot Spot Shield has an advanced security system. They use 256 bit AES encryption, which plays a vital role in protecting the identity of the users. Therefore, users can securely send and receive data at will as per requirement.

However, due to the best services of Hot Spot Shield, it is declared as the best VPN. Out of the top seventy-eight VPNs, it makes itself at the thirty-eighth position. Therefore, Hot Spot Shield VPN is the best choice to be made by the user in the long run.

One of the best specialties of Hot Spot shield is that they somehow manage to deliver the best download speeds. Therefore, their service is also popular when it comes to torrent browsing. Thus, they manage to provide the best download and upload speeds.

They also provide 24/7 customer support. Whenever users have a problem regarding Hotspot VPN clients, then they can quickly call on the helpline or email them. Therefore, they readily respond to customer problems quickly.

In short, Hot Spot Shield VPN is the best choice to be made by any user.

Works On

Like other VPNs, Hot Spot Shield is not only confined to a single platform but works on multiple platforms. Therefore Hotspot shield has five platforms in total. These include Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac OS.


Hot Spot Shield VPN has many unique features. I’ll discuss some of these features here

  1. Hot Spot Shield VPN allows its users to browse privately. Thus, his identity is hidden, and no one can track his search or browsing history. Hence, its advanced encryption system works in such a way that no one can know about the browsing history of the user.
  2. It also provides an extra service alongside being a great VPN. This service is an antivirus. Therefore, it protects your system against additional viruses and also scans other devices connected to your operating system.
  3. Thus, one of the essential things which Hot Spot Shield provides is an experience that is free from all advertisements. Therefore, whenever an ad is featured, it always spoils the knowledge of the user.
  4. The speed of their server connections is also very high. It provides an average median speed of about two hundred Mbps. Therefore, their servers also never run out of bandwidth. Thus, bandwidth is adjusted according to the internet connection of the user.
  5. However, Hot Spot Shield VPNs also offer an unlimited volume. Therefore, they don’t have any restrictions regarding the size.


Hot Spot Shield VPN is a fully private VPN. It allows its users to browse using a fake IP Location. Therefore, Hot Spot Shield VPN works in such a way that it auto assigns a virtual IP address to its users. Consequently, it has a particular set of protocols that function evenly and take care of the privacy of the user.

It’s unmatched in P2P connections, Therefore, there is no way that the user history can be monetized. Hence, Hot Spot Shield uses a military-based encryption system. So, there is no possible way for a hacker to track any information of the user. If this happens, then the user can also sue the company.

Pros and Cons

  • Low priced VPN.
  • An easily accessible VPN.
  • Protects identity when connected to a public hotspot.
  • Premium account subscription usable on up to five devices.
  • Seven day free trials.
  • Works with selective apps.
  • The refund policy is valid for seven days.

Pricing and Plans

As of now, the majority know that Hot Spot Shield provides the best services when it comes to hiding your original identity. Therefore, their payment plans are also attractive. However, they offer two types of services. Free services, as well as a premium service, is provided by them.

If a user is not willing enough to subscribe, he can use their free service. Free service is not as excellent as the premium service because it contains a lot of ads, thereby spoiling the user experience. On the other hand, paid subscription offers an ad-free experience.

 However, the Hot Spot Shield VPN offers three types of packages. These offers are for one month, one year and two years collectively. Their one month package costs about twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents—their yearly package costs around seven dollars and ninety-nine cents per month. Two annual bags cost around two dollars and ninety-nine cents per month.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts about Hot Spot Shield VPN are that it is the best choice that can be made by users. Its encryption system is also equivalent to that of the military. Hence it uses a two hundred and fifty-six-bit encryption system.

It also provides several other uses. These uses include the use of streaming services like Netflix. However, Hot Spot Shield manages to change the IP location of the user. In this way, it leads to a change in the physical location. However, in this way, the user uses the IP address of another country. Therefore, in this way, with the help of another IP address, the user can use all the streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.