How to close Apps on Apple Watch

In this article, we will tell you about; How to close Apps on Apple Watch? This article explains how to close an unnecessary App on Apple Watch. It also includes information about how to force close apps and a few Troubleshooting Tricks for when the apps of the watch are not properly working. 

So let’s start with closing an App on Apple Watch.

How to Close Apps on Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch is not working properly and is slowing down, loses battery and gets charged quickly. The programs of your Apple watch get stuck while running. So it’s time to close some unnecessary Apps of your Apple watch which you are not using.

Closing Apps on your Apple Watch is as easy and straightforward as closing them on your iPhone and other iOS devices.

Three Steps to close Apps on Apple Watch

You can follow these three Simple Steps to close the Apps on your Apple Watch which are not properly working.

  1. Press and release the side button on your Apple Watch once(Not the Digital Crown, the other one). It will show a list of your previously opened Apps.
    How to close Apps on Apple Watch

  1. If it shows no apps then you will see a message stating “Recently Used Apps Appear Here”. Otherwise, you will see a list of Different Apps that you have opened in the past. You can see this list by swiping up and down or by using the crown button.

How to close Apps on Apple Watch 1

  1. Now Swipe from Right to Left on the App that you want to close and click on the RED Cross to remove the App.

How to close Apps on Apple Watch 1

So That’s how you can close an unnecessary App on an Apple watch by just following three simple steps.

So Now let’s talk about how we can force close an App if it gets stuck while running and is struggling to respond correctly.

How to Force Close Apps on Apple Watch

You can follow these Simple Steps to Force Close struggling Apps of the Apple Watch.

  1. Press and hold the Side Button until the Shut Down Screen Displays.
  2. Then press and hold the Digital Crown button until the app closes.

So by following these two simple steps you can force close a stuck or struggling app on Apple Watch.

Troubleshooting Tricks when Apps of Apple Watch are not Properly Working

Apple also Supports many troubleshooting tricks for struggling Apps, on its various devices. So In this section, we will discuss some troubleshooting tricks for Apple Watches.

Restarting Apple Watch

Sometimes the Apps start to struggle and cause problems for the user. In this case, restarting your Apple Watch could be helpful. To Simply Restart the watch. Press and hold the side button until “Shut down” appears on the screen, and then tap and slide the Power Off button.

But if your program gets stuck and you are unable to simply restart your Apple Watch then you need to Force Restart your Apple Watch. For this purpose, Press and Hold the side button and the digital crown button at the same time until your Apple Watch Powers off.

Latest watchOS version

Sometimes in an Apple Watch, the problem is caused due to old watchOS versions. But if you have an updated watch and your watchOS version is the latest, then chances of App struggling and causing problems are less. So Ensure that you have the latest version of watchOS.

Reinstall the Apps

If the app is not working properly you can also uninstall the App by tapping the “My Watch” tab and selecting the app you want to uninstall under “Installed on Apple Watch” and turn off “Show app on Apple Watch. And then reinstalling it. By applying this process there is a greater chance of getting out from your problem.

Contact Apple Support

If everything you try gets failed then the Last thing you can do is contact Apple Support and if your product is made by a third party then contact the App-Developer. They will surely give timely responses and will solve your queries.


So guys that were it. I hope you got everything there is to know about How to close Apps on Apple Watch, how we can force close Apps on Apple Watch, and some extra troubleshooting tricks that you can apply if the apps are not working properly.

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