How to put Xfinity stream on firestick?

Lets see How to put Xfinity stream on firestick” If you want to watch your favorite movies and live shows on Firestick, but you do not how to do that, then do not worry because in this article, you will get to know: how to install the Xfinity stream on firestick. Let’s first talk about the Xfinity stream.

What is the Xfinity stream?

The Xfinity Stream is an online video streaming app that offers you live TV and videos on demand. This app offers live broadcast channels, linear cable channels, and videos on demand without paying any Xfinity TV Box rent. It was first owned by Comcast.

You have to pay 65 USD every month to get to stream live TV, popular movies, and TV shows on your smart device. If you are an Amazon firestick user, then you can install the Xfinity stream on your firestick to enjoy these shows on your TV.

How to download and install Xfinity on Fire Stick?

Amazon has its app named Amazon App Store. You can easily install all the applications that are available on the Amazon Store. The Xfinity app is also available on Amazon App Store. If you want to download and install Xfinity on Fire Stick, then follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Go to the home screen of Firestick and tap on the search icon.

Step 2

Open the on-screen keyboard and type Xfinity Stream on it and press Enter.

Step 3

See the results and choose the Xfinity stream on firestick App from them.

Step 4

You will see the Get icon, click on it to download the app.

Step 5

The app will start downloading. When the download will be completed, click on the open button to run the app. You can now enjoy the Xfinity stream on Fire Stick.

There are some cases in which you are not able to download the app due to geo-restrictions caused by the app itself. If you are facing this issue, then you can use third-party app installers for your purpose. You can use apps like ES File Explorer, Downloader, and Firefly for this purpose.

If we had to choose, then we would choose Downloader as the best third-party app in this case. The downloader app is available on the Amazon store and you can download it in place of Xfinity. You can also pass the geo-restrictions by using a VPN.

How to download Xfinity from a third-party app?

If you are not able to download Xfinity from the app store, then you can use third-party apps to do that. Well first, you need to allow installation from unknown sources and if you do not know how to allow that, just follow the instruction below.

Step 1

Go to the Fire Stick home screen and tap on the settings icon.

Step 2

After that, you have to click on the option named “My fire Tv” or the devices option.

Step 3

Choose the option that says “Developer options”.

Step 4

You will see the “Apps from unknown sources” option. Tap on it to turn it on. It will show a pop-up sign to confirm, click on the “turn on” option.

How to download Xfinity from the Downloader app?

Now as we have turned the apps from the unknown sources option on, we can download the Xfinity stream on firestick app from a third-party app. So let’s download Xfinity on the Downloader app.

Step 1

On your Fire Stick app, open the downloader app. A pop-up will appear asking you to allow, allow it.

Step 2

Open the home screen and click on the search bar.

Step 3

Open the search bar and type “Downloader” and click the Go button. After that, scroll down the page and then click the download button to get the Xfinity Stream app file.

Step 4

The app will start to download. After the download, click on the install button. The installation will start. 

Step 5

When the installation is completed, click on “Done”.

Step 6

When the next pop-up appears, click on delete to delete the app file. Because once the app gets installed, you do not need it anymore.

Step 7

Click delete again for confirmation. The apk will be deleted.

Now that you have installed the Xfinity app, you might as well know how to use this. Let us show you: How to use the Xfinity stream on Kodi Firestick?

How to use Xfinity Stream on Fire Stick?

Follow the instructions that are given below to use the Xfinity app.

Step 1

You will be able to see the app on your Apps and channel menu.

Step 2

Open the app from the menu and click the Get Started button.

Step 3

After that, login in with your credentials and sign in.

Step 4

Now you can watch live TV channels, movies, TV shows, and other videos that are available on the Xfinity stream on firestick app. 


We hope this article helped you in installing and using the Xfinity app on Fire Stick. We explained all the little details of this procedure. But if you still have any queries about this topic, then you can ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you. 

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