How to update Apps on iPhone 11?

In this article, we will show you;  How to Update Apps on iPhone 11? The information in this article will show you; How to update the Apps on your iPhone 11? 

iPhone 11 lets you update your Apps in two ways. You can update apps in a Manual and in an Automatic way. We will explain both the Automatic and Manual methods in this article.

Where to start?

If you want to update your iPhone11. You must know where to start. Apple gives us the “App Store” as a platform to update and manage all the working apps in the iPhone11. The “App Store” is the official apple app from where you can browse all kinds of available apps. 

This article will show you; How to Update Apps using the App Store? If you have any problem updating your apps, Don’t worry, this article will surely help your cause. The step-by-step guide to updating apps in your iPhone will be shown in the content below. But first, you would want to know about what’s in iOS 11 Updates. So let’s talk about iOS updates.

About iOS 11 Updates

App developers always try to bring something new and efficient to their products. They make continuous changes for the betterment of their customers. They try to make the apps reliable for their users. Apple updates always provide improved apps and features.

iOS 11 brings you various new features in every single Update. Camera functioning, Multitasking, improvements in Siri, Security Updates, and many more. You can get all those improvements in your iPhone 11 by following this article till the end. For more information on iOS 11 updates, you can go to Apple Support.

Why is updating your iPhone 11 important?

Updating your iPhone 11 is very important as it entertains you with all the new features, security improvements, and all the new updated apps. It also makes your iPhone11 faster, more reliable, more efficient, and more user-friendly. Updates are always helpful as they give you a better platform than the previous one and the coolest thing is that it’s completely free.

iOS 11 gives you a fresh look on your phone. It creates a new environment where apps become more intelligent, secure, and fast. Updates mostly focus on the security of the user’s privacy. The goal of the app developers is to make sure the privacy of users is not leaked. They create more secure improvements in every single update to make the iPhone more secure.

How to Update Apps on iPhone 11 Automatically

Automatically Updating Apps feature gives you reliability as it updates all apps by itself. The user does not have to bother checking on updates all the time. This is the easier and probably better way to keep your iPhone 11 up to date. In this article you will be completely informed about; How to Update Apps on iPhone 11? Let’s talk about the automatic way.

To update your iPhone11, go to >>Settings and then go to >>App Store. Now enable the “Update Apps” setting and then click the icon next to “Automatic Downloads”. Then slide your finger on the bottom of your phone’s screen to return to the home screen. This will make your iPhone 11 update all apps automatically. The visual representation of this process is given below.  

Visual Representation for How to Update Apps on iPhone 11 Automatically

  1. Tap on settings.

2. Go to the App Store.

3. Tap on the indicator next to “App Updates”.

4. Below that go to “Automatic Downloads”.

5. Press the icon next to “Automatic Downloads”.

6. Now Return to Home Screen.

How to Update Apps on iPhone 11 Manually

Manually updating apps gives users a free hand to update apps by themselves. They can update whichever app they want to update. It makes the user control the updating activities all by themselves. The “App Store” lets the users manage, download and update apps by themselves. 

Open the “App Store” on your iPhone by clicking on the blue icon with the logo “A” in it. If you see a red circle with numbers inside of it, it means there are pending apps for the update. Open the “App Store”. Click on the right corner of the app to sign in to your “Apple ID”.

If you don’t have an “Apple ID” go to this link Apple ID and create one. Now scroll down to see the pending apps. If you want to update all apps, just go to “Update all apps” on the top right of the screen. You can also update the app of your choice if you want. To do that, click on the “ update” in front of the desired app.

Visual Representation for How to Update Apps on iPhone 11 Manually

  1. Open the “App Store”. (The numbers in the red circle at the top right will show you how many apps are pending?) 

2. Tap on your profile pic at the top right corner.

3. Enter your Apple ID and password to Sign-in.

4. If you don’t have an Apple ID you can go to Apple ID and create one.

5. Now scroll down to see all the pending apps.

6. Click on an update. (A dialogue box to confirm the update will appear).

7. Confirm the updates.

8. If you want to update all apps together, click on the Update All option.

9. Now Return to the home screen.

So guys that were it. I hope you got everything there is to know about; How to update apps on iPhone 11. If you still have any queries feel free to ask in the comment section.

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