Keep Your Heels High & Build A Better World for Yourself

Lets see Keep Your Heels High & Build A Better World for Yourself? The woman empowerment programs are employed to grow the ability of females or groups of females to have choices and to convert the ones selections into required moves and results.

Most of the women have no right of entry to education, dependent on their men or family, and are not able to make their preferences. A total of 900 million young ones have a shortage of basic literacy competence all over the world and 60% or more are girls.

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A Women Shift

The Women Empowerment programes leads towards the elevation of female recognition, capability building, and other activities to build powerful regional collaboration between the applicable stakeholders to boost gender equality and women’s rights all over the world.

These programs will help to present girls with a fighting ability and the chance to overcome their bad situations. Such initiatives have focused only on women’s empowerment and offered deprived girls a secure space, schooling, and knowledge of their social rights.

In different initiatives, women are dependent on vocational schooling, education, mental assistance, and most significant tools to make them eligible for their development and reintegration into society.

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Women Empowerment Initiative

To establish a better future for females, the woman to woman organization Dubai has projected multiple schemes to increase female assistance in the socio-economic forums UAE. The ambitions of such organizations are aimed towards unfolding the hidden talent and growing the leadership qualities of women in different occupations.

In Dubai, these programs have been unwound to increase the expertise of females in UAE or worldwide according to their skills and empower them to make their strategies and choices for a better future. To make sure innovative learning of women 4 key components are:

  • Management insight
  • Administration/Leadership
  • Technical command
  • Personal Grooming

Women On Boards

It will assure the improvement of long-duration and modified periodic management for girls throughout the areas of society.

It will help to endure for a revolutionary and fruitful society via the “Change Agent Program”. The most promising outcome is that it increases the influence of women’s leadership in a private organization or a business enterprise and will bring together a privileged institution of women to women organization leaders to discuss everyone’s journey and experiences.

Women empowerment programs have fortified perception of the unique leadership class, standards, and the way to lead with one-of-a-kind styles. Women can empower the Dubai Government by the thriving execution of the “Dubai Strategic Plan”.


The need for time is to have women on the Board of Directors in organizations as working under women are equipped with an active environment under self-assessment, growth chances, faith, and confidence.

UAE has been awarded as the 1st country in the center East and 2nd worldwide to initiate the “Women on Boards” program undertaken by Dubai Women Empowerment in 2012.

Dubai has expanded the horizon for female representation by 20% in 2022, to increase the participation of Women on forums of administrators in the public and private sectors commodities. Women to women organization.

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