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Are you looking for Roblox Pictures Ideas” If you are a Roblox fan and you want to create a customized Roblox picture, but you do not know How? Then this article will surely help you do that. In this article, we will inform you about Roblox and How to make Roblox pictures. Let’s first talk about Roblox games.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online game platform that was developed by Roblox Corporation. It allows users to program games and play games of other users. It is a vast online platform on which kids can create and interact with what its makers call an  “immersive 3D world”.

Players have given an opportunity to make an avatar for themselves and they are allotted a digital amount of money to rent a house. To furnish and decorate the house, you need real-life money. There is a lot of stuff that can be purchased and the prices add up really fast.

Kids make their parents buy them more outfits so their avatar can look cool. The users who do not buy upgrades are often seen to be mocked and they are pressured to buy more upgrades.

Why do parents think that playing Roblox is a risk?

Now, most of you might be thinking that upgrading and spending more money would be the risk that parents are worried about. Well, that is not the case. Roblox was made so that people can interact with new people and make friends online. It is all like another multiplayer game.

You wander around the world and find new people and do chat with them. There is no age limit for people playing the game. Despite the fact that users can block inappropriate words and they can filter chats, but still there are many ways in which kids get targeted by online predators. But it does not happen in most cases, so you can also play this game if you want.

How to create Roblox pictures for free?

You can make a picture of whatever you want in the Roblox world. Roblox provides a tool to do it. Its name is Roblox Studio. If you do not have it downloaded then you can also use it on the browser by opening this link Roblox Studio. To make a picture, follow the instructions given below. 

Open the Roblox Studio on your system. After that open the first blank space named as the Base plate. Once you have opened the Base plate, check if you can see the explorer tool is visible or not. If you do not see it, then open the view tool and then the Explorer tool.

You will find the Tool box option there. Click on it. Explorer will open. The next step is to insert your character. For this purpose, we have to install the Lord character plug in. To do that, go to the tool box and find “Model”. Click on the drop-down menu and open plugins. Find the “Load character” plug in. Click on it and install it.

How to create Roblox pictures for free?

Once you have installed it, click on the plugin menu on the top and open the Load Character. A pop up will appear which will open. Name your character and choose from the two spawning options. Use the “W, S, A, D” keys from the keyboard to drag the camera around. 

If you want to change the pose of the character, then you can go to the model tab and change it according to your choice. Go to the explorer to change body parts. If you are posing your head, then make sure to change the hats and check them. Pose the rest of your character. Whatever you choose to do. Go to explorer and scroll down to find the “Export Selection option” and then save it to any folder that you want.

How to create Roblox pictures for free?

Now open the folder in which you saved the selection. You can exit Roblox studio. Now go to “3D model” and right-click on it. Go to open with and select “3D viewer”. If you do not have it, then download it from the Microsoft Store. After opening it, we have to change the angle of the model. Use the left mouse button to rotate around your model.

You can zoom in and out by clicking the down button. With the right-click button, you can change the direction of the model. On the right side of the screen, you can choose the lighting of your choice. You can choose from many of the presets. By scrolling down, you will see a light rotation option, you can use that to change the lighting direction. 

Now after editing, go to export image. Make sure that you save your file type as PNG and the resolution should be set to 1440. Click on the box that says “Transparency” and un click on the box that says, “Render shadows”. Now export your model. Your Roblox picture will be created.


We hope this article was helpful to you in getting to know about Roblox. We showed you the easiest way of making a Roblox picture that you can even use as your profile picture. If you have any more questions about this topic, then feel free to tell us in the comment section. We will surely try our best to help you. 

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