How to Fix the Issue “Roku Remote not Working no Light”?

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Some of the very popular Roku devices are as follow:

  • Roku Express
  • Roku Express 4K+
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Streaming Stick+
  • Roku Streambar
  • Roku Streambar Pro
  • Roku TVs

Roku Remote not Working

The Roku device comes with a remote control to control the device and playback media. The remote control is an essential part of the device to stream channels smoothly. Sometimes, the remote control stops working. There might be many reasons for that but don’t worry we will show different fixes to this issue in this article. There are two kinds of remote controls that come with the device:

  • Standard Remote: It does not have any pairing button.
  • Enhanced Remote: It has a pairing button.

How to Fix the Roku Remote not Working no Light?

There are many reasons for this issue. In this article, we are going to show you the six ways in which you can fix your remote related issues.

Check for Obstacles

The most common reason for the remote not working is the obstacles between the device and the remote. Make sure there is no obstruction between the remote and the front of the device.

Make sure to point the remote in the direction of the device. Also, try to point the remote from different positions and check if the remote is working or not.

Remove and Reinsert the Batteries

If the above-mentioned fix did not resolve the issue, try removing the batteries from the remote and reinsert after some time. This may resolve the issue.

Restart the Roku Device

If the problem persists, try restarting the Roku device. But you can not restart the device using the remote as the remote is not properly functioning.

All you have to do is remove the batteries from the remote and unplug the device from the power supply and plug it in again after some time. Now reinsert the batteries into the remote and check if the remote is working or not.

Re-pair the Remote

If you have an enhanced remote with a pairing button in the battery compartment. Try re-pairing the remote with the Roku device. To re-pair, you have to remove the batteries from the remote and unplug the device from the power supply.

Now. put the batteries back and apply the power supply to the device after 5 seconds. When the home screen appears, press and hold the pairing button present in the battery compartment until the pairing light flashes. After the remote makes the connection with the device, a pairing dialogue box will appear on the screen. It will also resolve the remote no light issue.

Replace Batteries

Faulty batteries are one of the major causes of malfunctioning of the remote control. To check whether the batteries are in good condition or not, try re-pairing the remote after reinserting the batteries.

If the remote does not respond, it is time to change the batteries. Replace the old batteries with two new AAA batteries to resolve the issue.

HDMI Interference

As the Roku device is connected to your TV via HDMI cable, it is common that your Roku HDMI cable is being interfered with by other cables. To avoid such a problem, use an HDMI cable extender.

It will provide more space for the device and the HDMI cable will not be disturbed by other cables. It may be the reason for your remote not working properly.


To operate and stream Roku, the remote is an essential part. But sometimes, the remote does not work properly due to many issues which we have described above with their fixes. Try these fixes to resolve the issue.

If the remote still does not work, we will suggest you replace the old remote with a new one. And make sure to buy a remote that is compatible with your Roku device. We hope you found this article helpful. Give us your valuable suggestions in the comment section. Thank you!

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