How To Make A Shield In Minecraft?

Lets see How To Make A Shield In Minecraft? If you are a Minecraft player, then you will know the importance of shields, Shields in Minecraft are used for blocking attacks and surviving them. But Minecraft is not a very easy game. You can not just find a shield in Minecraft.

You will have to do a lot of stuff to make a shield. But do not worry because we have the perfect solution for you. We will show you;  How to make a shield in Minecraft? First, let’s talk about Minecraft.

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How to play Minecraft?

Basically, there are two modes of Minecraft. The survival mode and the creative mode. The survival mode includes surviving and exploring the world by building shelter and finding food. You can find a cave as a beginner and light it up. Have some food.

Start building out new stuff by finding different things. It is stated as an amazing game for children above 10. You can punch wood to make different stuff from it.

It is a fun and adventurous game. You have to do everything possible to survive. So you collect wood from the trees, then you burn them if you want to be safe from cold. You can make a house by using all the resources found in the game. You find coal, iron ores and many more resources with which you can do many tasks to survive.

Why we use Shield in Minecraft?

Shields are very useful in Minecraft, they play a vital role in saving your health while an attack. For example: if you are in a situation where your health is getting low by attacks, then you can use a shield and eat steak. Almost all the monsters give 0 damage to the shields, so you can get back to maximum health in 4 seconds and can go fight the monsters.

Shields reduce the melee attack or hand to hand attack by 66% and you will not be hurt by projectiles such as arrows and flame attack. So having a shield by your side is very essential in Minecraft and if you want to craft it, then we will show you how you can do it.

How to craft shields in Minecraft?

To craft a shield, you will need resources. Gamers have to think about the resources required to make a shield but you do not have to, because you have us. We will explain every single detail for you so you do not have to find all the resources. So, to craft a shield in Minecraft, you have to find these resources.

  • 2 blocks of any kind of wood in Minecraft
  • Iron ore
  • Furnace
  • Coal or any other form of fuel

Step 1

Find 2 blocks of any kind of wood. It can be of any different kind such as oak, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, crimson. Spruce or even warped planks. You can easily find them where trees are found. Collect them.

Step 2 

After that, find iron ore. You can find them easily along with the coal and under the surface. Collect it.

Step 3 

Coal will be found near the iron ore. Collect it too.

Step 4

Now as we have all the items we need to craft a shield, so we will take these items to the furnace.

Step 5 

First, you will have to make an iron ingot from the iron ore using the furnace. Put coal or any other fuel in the furnace along with the iron ore. The iron ingot will be constructed. Save the iron ingot in the inventory.

Step 6

After that, make a plank of woods with the wood we have. Now the planks have to be put in the 3×3 crafting box along with an iron ingot. We will see that the result will be a shield. We will need 6 planks of woods and 1 iron ingot. 

Step 7 

After the shield is made, save it in the inventory. They can be equipped from the inventory. You can use it to stop many attacks and reduce damage update Minecraft.


We hope this article helped you out in crafting a shield in Minecraft. If you find anything difficult at all, then we are available for help. Just ask in the comment section. And if you found this article helpful, do support us by giving us alike. We would love your support .

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