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Are you looking for enter code” There are 70+ major networks available on YouTube TV, which includes live TV channels and on-demand films from companies such as ABC and AMC as well as CBS and CNN. Amazon Firestick and other key platforms, such as iOS and Android, support YouTube TV, which was launched in February 2017.

With YouTube TV, you may record your favorite clips using cloud-DVR, which provides limitless storage. The recorded videos will be accessible for nine months after they are created.

YouTube TV was pulled from the Amazon Store earlier this year due to a dispute between Amazon and Google. YouTube TV is now officially accessible on Amazon thanks to an agreement between the two tech titans.

Compatible with Firestick devices

The following is based on information obtained from Google: YouTube TV will be available on Amazon’s streaming devices.

  • Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick
  • Fire TV Cube 1st and 2nd Generation
  • Fire TV Stick 2nd Generation
  • a fire in the tv (2nd and 3rd Gen)
  • Smart TVs with Fire TV Editions (Toshiba, Element, Insignia, and Westinghouse)

YouTube TV material may be streamed on your Firestick or Fire TV in two ways. You may use the Silk Browser or the Amazon store’s dedicated app to watch it.

Using a web browser to sign up for YouTube TV is required prior to installation. YouTube TV has a monthly fee of $49.99.

Signing up for YouTube TV is simple

Step 1

To begin, open in Google Chrome or your preferred web browser.

Step 2

To find out if you enjoy it, click on “Try it Free”.

Step 3

Use your Google credentials to log in.

Step 4

YouTube TV automatically shows your zip code by default. To fix this, hit I DON’T LIVE HERE and input a different zip code in the appropriate field.

Step 5

Press the LET’S GO button.

Step 6

Personalize your membership by choosing the extras you choose. You’ll be charged a one-time fee in addition to your monthly subscription for these extras.

Step 7

Once you’ve selected the necessary extras, click NEXT.

Step 8

Check the membership cost and provide your payment information.

Note: You will not be charged until the free trial period has expired.

Step 9

To purchase YouTube TV, click the BUY button. 

Activate YouTube TV on your Firestick by installing and activating the app

Step 1

Hover over the Search icon on the Firestick’s home screen.

Step 2

Go to YouTube TV and look for the app there by clicking on it.

Step 3

The results of your search will be displayed on the screen.

Step 4

Choose its logo to launch the app.

Step 5

To download and install the program, select Get or Download.

Step 6

Wait for your streaming device to download and install the YouTube TV app.

Step 7

To begin using the app, select Open.

Note: The app may also be accessed through the Apps menu.

Step 8

Click SIGN IN to continue.

Step 9

The screen will display an activation code and a URL. To enable the web, you must first set up your mobile or PC web browser accordingly.

Step 10

Open a web browser on your smartphone or PC. Go to to get started

Step 11

As soon as you see the code, you must enter it.

Step 12

To access YouTube TV, log in using the Google account you used to purchase it (12).

Step 13

The YouTube TV app for Firestick will immediately launch after you sign in and begin playing media.

Use the Silk browser to watch movies and TV shows

YouTube TV video may be streamed to a Firestick using the Silk browser. All Firestick/Fire TV devices come with the Silk browser preinstalled and set as the default. Other web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, are available for download from the Amazon shop if needed.

Step 1

The Silk web browser should now be open.

Step 2

In the address bar, type

Step 3

To sign in, go to the top right corner of the screen and click SIGN IN.

Step 4

YouTube TV programming may be seen on your Firestick by logging in with your Google account credentials.

Where can I watch YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is currently only accessible to residents of the United States and its territories. A geo-restriction error will state “Sorry, but YouTube TV is not available in your region just yet” if you attempt to watch YouTube TV from outside the United States.

You may get around the geo-restrictions on YouTube TV by using a virtual private network (VPN). The YouTube TV app, on the other hand, demands a payment method connected to an American billing address. As a result, getting to it from outside the United States is a challenge.

For many Firestick owners, YouTube TV’s $49.99/month price tag may be prohibitive despite the service’s great quality. You must pay an extra charge for channels such as STARZ, NBA League Pass, Fox Soccer Plus, SHOWTIME, and others. Because of this, you should consider hard before using this service.

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