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Are You looking for YouTube to MP3 Converters” YouTube today is the need for everyone, be it students, adults, or the older ones. Sometimes, there is the stuff that you want to listen to even when there is no internet. For this purpose, there is an option on YouTube to download those videos offline.

Still, if you want to save them in a smaller size so that your device’s storage is not affected, you can convert all those videos from YouTube to MP3 converters format using tools that convert YouTube videos into MP3 format.

List of YouTube to MP3 Converters

There are many YouTube to MP3 converters around there, but the best and few of them are listed below.

1. 4K video downloader and MP3 converter.

2. MP3 Studio YouTube downloader and MP3 converter.

3. Any Video converter.

4. ITubeGo.

5. Snap downloader.

1. 4K Video Downloader and MP3 Converter

When downloading and Converting Videos from YouTube to MP3 format, 4K video downloader and MP3 converter consider being the best tool that can be used in the conversion of videos from YouTube to MP3 converters. It is free of cost and a simple tool to directly download videos from YouTube and convert them to MP3 files.

  • No virus is detected in downloading the 4K video downloader.

  • High-quality HD file, speed, and bundles of other options.

  • It is available for Windows, iPhone, and Android as well.

  • One of the rare features is that it allows you to capture a 360-degree video.

  • Easy to use and supports various sites.

  • Have unnecessary ads.

  • No unlimited playlists and channels in the free version.

2. MP3 Studio YouTube Downloader and MP3 Converter

Enjoy videos and music while offline and convert from YouTube to MP3 in the most convenient way with the MP3 studio. There are no limitations on the video’s duration, I.e., you can download and convert videos from YouTube to MP3 of any size. It is free of cost and easy to use. This converter supports both Windows and Android.

  • Free of charge and user-friendly tool.

  • Compatible with multiple streaming sites.

  • No delays found, downloads fast, and provide different quality formats.

  • Any format as per your desire.

  • Available for Windows, iPhones, and Android.

  • Available in many languages.

  • Automatic detection of downloads in the clipboard.

  • Worldwide available.

  • Supports not more than two output formats.

  • Will make you install superfluous tools.

3. Any Video Converter

Any video converter has made YouTube to MP3 converters the easiest with just one step. Yes, you’ve heard it right, with only one single step. You have to copy-paste the URL, and you have it. It is more than just a YouTube to MP3 converter, I.e., it is a video editor and a downloader and converter. You can download unlimited videos and convert them from YouTube to MP3 format.

  • Single-step download.

  • It is operated on a Windows system.

  • High-definition HD effects.

  • 100% genuine and virus free application.

  • Supports bundles of video inputs and outputs.

  • Supports multiple websites other than YouTube.

  • Works as video editor too.

  • Free of Cost.

  • No annoying ads.

  • Unnecessary bundled software.

4. ITubeGo

The best YouTube to MP3 converters list is incomplete without iTubeGo software’s name. It is a fantastic tool which you can use to enjoy listening to music while doing work even when there is no internet connection available. It provides you with the facility of YouTube cutter, I.e., you can choose from where to start the video and at what point you want to end it.

  • High-definition HD/4K videos and genuine quality.

  • You can download numerous movies and songs etc.

  • Free and convenient one.

  • Available for Windows and Android.

  • ITubeGo lets you decide the quality and format of the file you want to save.

  • It allows you to rip videos from various social networking sites.

  • Breakneck speed.

  • 100% safe and secure.

  • Can download channels and subtitles as well.

  • User friendly and efficient.

  • Output formats are limited.

5. Snap Downloader

When talking about video conversion from YouTube to MP3 converters, Snap Downloader is one of the best apps that helps you get high-definition videos and conversion to MP3 in the simplest way possible. It provides you with unlimited downloads and conversion in an easy way. Snap Downloader can download multiple videos at a time, and you can download videos at your desired time. 

  • Supports numerous Social networking sites.

  • Allows you to select the output format as you desire.

  • One more feature that makes it more attractive is that it downloads 360-degree videos too.

  • Built-in proxy setup.

  • Allows you to download videos at your scheduled time.

  • Can download videos from multiple websites at the same time.

  • High-resolution videos of up to 8K download.

  • Free of charges.

  • Saves time due to bulk downloads.

  • 100% safe and secure and verified by antivirus agencies.

  • User friendly and easy to install.

  • Copy-paste the URL, and you have done it.

  • Its only drawback is that it is only available for Android.


Conversion from YouTube to MP3 converters has become comfortable with the apps, as mentioned above. You can also give them a try to save your time and enjoy music while working. All the applications that are suggested to you are authentic ones and are safe to use.

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